Posthumous Love Letter I Never Wrote

let’s pre
tend we d
on’t exist

across yr
golden chest
i keep
youngr bend
like a palm let’s
pretnd we’re
            g let’s
find out if

our dre
ss would b
pink or blu
would i b
blu as u left wo
uld i still like
peaches aft
er some
one like th
at dies

anothr mrning
anothr mo
an i hear yr
ghost do u
watch me sle
            ep do i
like nectar i mean
t to tell u be
did us part
that yr paint
made terrible
mmries in
my head in the holes
in my hedd u shake

the mtns when u
danced i hvnt seen
snow since u (u know

) i’d love to b
wrong abt every
thing i’m bitter
abt i’d lv to give
u a big kiss and break
my hand
on yr nose


Violet Mitchell is a poet and artist residing in Colorado. They earned an MFA in Poetry from the Mile-High MFA Program at Regis University. Violet teaches workshops with Alchemy Author Services and has had their paintings and poems featured in galleries and published with Heavy Feather Review, Word for Word, Inverted Syntax, South Broadway Ghost Society, along with several other journals. They received the Robert A. O’Sullivan, S.J. Memorial Award for Excellence in Writing in 2019.