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Harpur Palate 21.2

About our cover image: “La Derive” by Dréa

Dréa was born in 1986 and lives in Vieux-Rosemont neighbourhood in Montréal City. Her academic career vacillates between the Arts and Archives. The fruit of this work is a combination of these two passions. The archives are the basis of her works, her main source of inspiration. With the collage, she builds new links to make the fragments of the cut images speak.

Over the years, Dréa has made herself known through her many exhibitions in Quebec’s micro-breweries and cafés such as Vice &Versa, Café Maelstrom, NYKS, 507, etc. She has a desire to make discover the world of the Arts to the public by exhibiting in these accessible places. After an Art residency in Peru, Dréa developed an interest in handmade plants paper. She began to manufacture and amalgamate papers with these works, which allowed her to enrich her plastic language and to seek freedom in the gesture as well as in the messages of her works. Thanks to a grant from Premiere Ovation, she developed a collection of original collages in which painting, drawing, archival documents, and handmade paper mingle.Her original collages have been exhibited in several art galleries such as La Galerie Berthelet, Les Trafiquants d’Art, 2112 and the Penticton Art Gallery.

You can find more of her compelling work on her website, facebook, and instagram!

Call for Ekphrastic writing for our special issue Ecotopia: A Speculative Visual Art and Creative Writing Collaboration

Ecotopia is a themed and interdisciplinary collaborative art project that will be exhibited in a special issue online in 2023. Currently, Harpur Palate is looking for poetic and hybrid ekphrastic responses to one or more of the visual pieces on our homepage, “FLOURISH,” “Horizon,” and “Making Time for the Ocean.”

Ideally, the written works could convey an optimistic, yet realistic, speculation for the deep future, where humans coexist peacefully and sustainably with the more-than-human world. The goal is to foster a cross-disciplinary approach to discussions necessary when locating ourselves and our communities within the context of a pressing global issue, as we share a bright ethos of our futures, while embracing acceptable emotions and conversation norms like hope, excitement, and progress.

Submission guidelines:

  • Submit up to 3 poems or hybrid pieces for consideration, no more than 6 pages total, with individual pieces being less than 500 words each
  • We define hybrid as any mixture of poetry, prose, drama, or nonfiction
  • In the cover letter section of Submittable, please include a third-person bio (<50 words) and your social media handles
  • We do accept simultaneous submissions, please send us a prompt note if your work has been accepted elsewhere
This open call for ekphrasis will run until May 15. After this, Cole Depuy, editor of this special issue, will select a small number of pieces to present alongside the artworks on our website. Below you will find the three pieces intended to inspire ekphrastic writing, which will be open for submission from February 15 to April 15. Please visit our Submit page to send in your work!

“FLOURISH” by J’Atelier9

Artisan Crafted Creator, J’Atelier9/J’A9 (L.A. based visionary founder, Janine Tang) began sourcing reclaimed materials into her sustainable fine arts. J’A9 translates worldwide interconnectedness by highlighting society’s sensationalism of media, global discourse, and complex facets of duplicity. She dissects aspects of societal conditioning and programming within the matrix, creating wondrous reflection. You can find her on Instagram at @jatelier9, or on her website:

“Horizon” by Austin Lubetkin


Austin Lubetkin is a software engineer and artist on the autism spectrum based in Los Angeles, CA. Media: Digital Art, Painting.
IG: bocaaust

“Making Time for the Ocean”
by Ana Prundaru

Ana Prundaru lives in Switzerland. Her work recently appeared in Faultline Journal, Sundog Lit, and Up the Staircase Quarterly.
IG: nomadingart. Portfolio: