Current Issue: Harpur Palate 22.1 (Summer 2023)

Harpur Palate 22.1 (Summer 2023)

We know, we know: the “Summer Issue” is more like a retrospective on summer by now, but we are so excited to share all of this new work with the world!

About our cover image:

“3150FFCB” by Cyrus Carlson

Bio: Cyrus Carlson is an abstract artist from St Paul, MN.

Progress on Ecotopia: A Speculative Visual Art and Creative Writing Collaboration

Ecotopia is a themed and interdisciplinary collaborative art project that will be exhibited in a special issue online in 2023. Harpur Palate is excited to share the selected poetic and hybrid ekphrastic responses to these visual pieces on our homepage, “FLOURISH,” “Horizon,” and “Making Time for the Ocean.” Check back for the full special issue later this year!

“FLOURISH” by J’Atelier9

Artisan Crafted Creator, J’Atelier9/J’A9 (L.A. based visionary founder, Janine Tang) began sourcing reclaimed materials into her sustainable fine arts. J’A9 translates worldwide interconnectedness by highlighting society’s sensationalism of media, global discourse, and complex facets of duplicity. She dissects aspects of societal conditioning and programming within the matrix, creating wondrous reflection. You can find her on Instagram at @jatelier9, or on her website:

“Horizon” by Austin Lubetkin


Austin Lubetkin is a software engineer and artist on the autism spectrum based in Los Angeles, CA. Media: Digital Art, Painting.
IG: bocaaust

“Making Time for the Ocean”
by Ana Prundaru

Ana Prundaru lives in Switzerland. Her work recently appeared in Faultline Journal, Sundog Lit, and Up the Staircase Quarterly.
IG: nomadingart. Portfolio: