r u busy right now?

when ur friends tell you to start a friday

u should tell them u r very busy

with the moon. there is so much of it

to sever & u r tired of being

the person everyone goes to

when the week is killing itself.

u step out into a red scheme & count

ur blessings on ur toes. everyone u know

has been really down lately.

depression coils in the freezer

next to ur pints of ice cream. provisions

for the coming ice rage.

u r looking for a new lover

even though u still have an old one.

at the Good Will everyone is hungry

for a heart. u buy sneakers

& put them on a ghost so you can see

him walking. keep an eye on

that fucker. this weekend

will turn itself inside out

& u will see all its organs.

this morning the planet is getting thinner

& the forecast calls

for dead pigeons. when u find one

u need to bring it inside

to make ash of its body.

paint the ash on the inside

of ur front door for safety.

there r so many precautions these days

to stay alive. all ur friends

with their glowing friday.

choking on marshmallow & dares.

the bound fire shrinks

to the size of a period. a blood stain

echoes on the ceiling.

u r done all ur musts & u r lonely.

ur thoughts echo back at u.

maybe u should have gone to the friday

but they r wild & violent people.

who knows where it would have

ended. u might have lost ur whole

october to that kind of fever.

then again, someone might have kissed u.

someone might have

touched u with his, her, they teeth

& turned u into the bright obelisk

u want to be. the moon

weeps in daggers. goodnight.



Robin Gow (they/them or ze/hir) is a trans and queer poet and young adult author. They are the author of Our Lady of Perpetual Degeneracy (Tolsun Books, 2020) and the chapbook Honeysuckle (Finishing Line Press, 2019). Gow’s first Young Adult book is forthcoming Winter 2022 with FSG Books for Young Readers.