Issue 21.2

Harpur Palate Issue 21.2,  Fall/Winter 2022

About our cover image:
“La Derive” by Dréa

Dréa was born in 1986 and lives in Vieux-Rosemont neighbourhood in Montréal City. Her academic career vacillates between the Arts and Archives. The fruit of this work is a combination of these two passions. The archives are the basis of her works, her main source of inspiration. With the collage, she builds new links to make the fragments of the cut images speak.


Last Voyage
Haolun Xu
Winner of the 2022 John Gardner Memorial Prize in Fiction  

938 Words for Mike Danko
Carl Boon

Land Drill
Dylan Brown

Cozy Haven
Cynthia Dockrell

When The Plane Falls From The Sky
Piper Gourley

A Body
Savannah Harris


Antebellum Redux
Allen M. Price
Winner of the 2021 Harpur Palate Creative Nonfiction Prize

Fake Nails and a Gun
Angela Miyuki Mackintosh
Finalist, Harpur Palate Creative Nonfiction Prize

Watching Windows
Savannah Harris

Mark L. Keats

Horror Vacui
Jennifer Perrine

Anika Somaia

Melissa Webster


A Conversation in Home Depot’s Kitchen Department with a Line from Mrs. Dalloway
Katherine Gaffney
Winner of the 2021 Milton Kessler Memorial Prize in Poetry

Dysmorphia (Autumn)
Donna Vorreyer
Finalist for the 2021 Milton Kessler Memorial Prize in Poetry

in defense of all my bitches
Katrina Agbayani

The Son
Dan Albergotti