Search History Sad

Do whales have a concept of death sad. Baking
with applesauce sad. How many towns in Massachusetts.
How many towns in California, Vermont, Rhode
Island—sad. Hip flexor pain sad. Rotator cuff pain.
How many towns in MA. Difference between a city
and a town. Define druthers sad. Define bourgeois
sad. SI joint pain sad. Define nugatory. Do bats
have a concept of death. Do whales sleep sad.
Whale vocabulary. Bat vocabulary. Bat words.
Bat sleep. Motel 6 San Diego North bed bugs.
La Quinta Inn San Diego bed bugs.
Old man skull long hair wig. Synonyms pang.
Synonyms anxiety. Garlic sweats. Signs
of the flu. Stardew Valley fan art sad. Banged
my knee whole leg hurts. Synonyms haunted.
Synonyms meaningful. Body changes after 30 sad.
Get rid of hiccups. Word for divine loneliness.
What is grace. Crispy home fries fast sad. Time
immemorial sad. Fluffy Chihuahuas. First
person or first-person. Nutmeg secrets. Nutmeg jam.
Where am I. What is the address of where I am
now. Zoodles too watery sad. What does a portal
sound like. Do rivers get deeper over time.
How to be happy sad. What do I need sad.
Do rivers get deeper over time. How many
towns in New England sad. Do rivers change
size, change course over time. Do rivers
deepen, will I deepen, how much can I know,
how much knowledge can I hold, can I hold it
while running, flowing, while getting carried
away, am I getting carried away, do rivers
get deeper over time, wider, faster, define
shore, define caulk and float, can I cross,
will I make it, can I carry myself away—


Caylin Capra-Thomas’ second chapbook, Inside My Electric City, is available through YesYes Books. Her work has appeared in journals including New England Review, Bennington Review, Copper Nickel, 32 Poems, Pleiades, and others. The recipient of fellowships and residencies from the Vermont Studio Center and The Studios of Key West, she was the 2018-2020 poet-in-residence at Idyllwild Arts Academy and now lives in Columbia, Missouri, where she is pursuing a Ph.D.