new beginnings

Post by fiction editor Kelly Neal

Fall traditionally marks the beginning of the end, a slow descent into the desolation of winter, but I’ve never thought of it as a season for endings. Growing up, fall was all about newness—fresh notebooks, new teachers, unsullied backpacks. While quite a bit has changed since I was in grade school, I still feel that same excitement when the air begins to cool. Having spent the majority of my years on Earth as a student, and thereby having been ruled by an academic calendar rather than the harvest, I’ve only ever experienced an electric sense of opportunity when September approaches. For me, fall is about renewal and advancement—to a higher grade level, to more challenging work, and hopefully to a more enlightened version of myself. 
This fall is no exception, as I will be teaching a new crop of undergraduate students, preparing to submit my own work to publications, and starting as Fiction Editor for Harpur Palate. I’m particularly excited about the latter because the publication is undergoing a renaissance of its own, with a new website and Editor-in-Chief at the helm. And of course, September for a literary journal staff means there will soon be a fresh new batch of manuscripts to read. Just as I once saw endless potential in the unmarked rows of my teachers’ grade books, I see nothing but possibility for us—new contributors, an expanded readership, a publication reborn. 

Thank you for joining us.

Kelly Neal is a PhD student in Fiction at Binghamton University, where she is the recipient of the Marion Clayton Link Fellowship in Creative Writing. She teaches Creative Writing and edits for Harpur Palate, and has previously edited for New South and Five Points.

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